Do not let the v-cut control your profit!


C80W for Whitefish and other species

New technology which enables pinboning in pre-rigor salmonoides and small cod etc >500g.

No wait for the fish to get out of rigor, enables faster processing.

Product specification PDF

C90W For ground/whitefish and mackerel

Based on the same technology as C80W the C90W enabels pinboning in bigger cod etc 500g>4kg and in mackerel.

Product specification PDF

C70S For salmonoides

C70S is build upon old proven technology from over 20 years hands on experiense.

Product specification PDF


  • Features Better yield Debones up to six fillets per min
  • Pre-rigor processing with C80W & C90W
  • Brushless Swiss motor
  • High quality components
  • Very gental to the meat
  • No meat loss
  • Simple dissambly, easy cleaning
  • Ergonomic
  • Hygenical